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How to hire the best people for your company.

Hiring is one of the most exciting, but also most difficult, parts of growing a company. The investment goes far beyond just adding another salary. The cost of employee benefits, additional taxes, a larger office space, equipment, etc, means that picking the right person for the job is mission critical. At YEC, I got lucky with our first 10 employees.

How to clean up your network in 2015.

In a recent article on Social Media Today written by Carlos Gil I shared my prediction for social media in 2015... As our digital spaces become more cluttered by self-promotion, unsolicited advertising and spam, consumers will seek out invitation-only communities that promise quality connections and meaningful relationships. One of the reasons why I believe that my business is booming right

Blogging is easy if you think like a startup.

Perfectionism has always been one of my biggest weaknesses in life. One of the most common fights my wife and I have is over the half-finished projects around my house. It's not laziness that stops me from finishing things. I just get stuck on a detail that doesn't quite fit my vision so I take a break for an undefined